Who Will Unite The Country?

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Who will unite the country? Certainly, it won’t be me. Will it be Joe Biden or Donald Trump? God forbid that any president unites the country. Should a country be united? A united country is fine as long as the population unites itself independently of a leader urging folks to unite behind him. If citizens are generally of a similar mind that is fine. When a politician seeks to unite the population behind him, ordinary citizens are being ask to fall on a sword for their country. Follow a national leader and you are following the equivalent of a Judas Goat.

Lets look at some examples of situati0ns where a leader has united a country.

The first that comes to mind is Venezuela. Hugo Chavez United Venezuela. How did that turn out? You decide.

When has the United States been united? There was World War II but it was the war itself that United the country. Hitler did in fact Unite Germany. Germany could not have risen had Hitler not united his country. The country was united behind John F. Kennedy. But, he was assassinated. Perhaps that is because he  was uniting the country in ways powerful people did not appreciate. Kennedy’s agendas were not fully developed when he died.

The Country was united behind Lyndon Johnson following the Kennedy Assignation. Following, we got the false flagged Gulf of Tonkin incident and a useless war that took the lives of millions.

Richard Nixon united the country early on. He completely finished off the gold standard. The country is now flooded with unearned fiat currency. He accepted a $2,000,000 donation from Jimmy Hoffa and pardoned him in order to receive it. Then there was Watergate,

The country was  united behind Ronald Reagan. Out of Reagan we got the birth of modern socialism and perpetual tampering with the financial markets. Under this new system we have stagnate wages from the middle class on down and enormous wealth and income at the top. The growth of top down socialism is the root cause of the depression the country is in today.

Both Bushes united the country and the result is perpetual wars in the Mid East.

Bill Clinton did not manage to unite the country and his administration did little if any permanent harm to the country.

A system designed around democratic principles is not meant to be united or expected to be. Check the writings of our founding fathers. Democracy works only when different people and sides vigorously disagree with each other.  In that system, the side that wins turns out to have the best approach. Constant tension  between the population and government is a critical ingredient with respect to a productive democratic system.

So, should the country unite behind the next president? You dec

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.



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