What Do We The People Seek From Government?

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It is easy to notice that, not just with government, but in all aspects of their lives, people tend to end up having what is most important to them. Sometimes they end up having just that one thing and nothing else.

If wealth is genuinely what a person wants, especially if that want is out of proportion to anything else, they are likely to have it, or at least end up with a higher than average income. There is nothing magical about becoming wealthy. It takes a lot of sacrifice. To become wealthy requires, giving up many other things in life that are meaningful to people. Be it love, free time, entertainment those things often must be left on the table.

Most people do not want to give these things up to the degree necessary to achieve great amounts of wealth. There is no problem with that. Wealth does not guarantee happiness.

What about entertainment. If that is what people want, they end up being highly entertained. If alcohol is the most important thing, people may end up with one last fifth of fine Tennessee whisky and nothing else besides liver failure. To some, free time is what matters, and in the end they are prone to have that.

In general, look at what a person has today and that is what is most important to him.

So lets look at what voters or “we the people” have with respect to government. They have elected a government that serves their guardian. What does a guardian do? A guardian makes decisions for those who are incompetent at making decisions for themselves and manages every aspect of their lives.

So, over time government has taken on the role of a guardian. When voters make a choice, they pick the candidate they feel will most likely serve as a good guardian. Since having a guardian is important out of proportion to everything else voters could get from government. A guardian is what they end up with.

Guardian seeking is a hard act to break up. Those who prefer to make their own decisions are a very small minority in the United States. Having a guardian is so important to Americans, they are willing to give up their rights guaranteed to them in the constitution in order to have one. Censorship? Censorship is no problem to Americans when the speech that is censored might end up denying them the guardian they so cherish.

Fantasy Free Economics is a threat to the guardian seeking mentality that pervades the nation. So Fantasy Free Economics is highly censored as are other blogs and sources with dissenting viewpoints and information.

Guardian seekers themselves are not the ones doing the censoring. The censoring is coming from the guardians themselves.Serving as a guardian for huge masses of people is astronomically profitable. More and more guardian arrangement are sought. Fears are even created just so guardians can provide safety and security to to the people they might serve.

There are those who prefer to live independently though the number is shrinking. Unless independent minded people find ways to make their viewpoints known, it is only a matter of time before there are so few of them that they can’t have any impact at all.

Unless independent people make the effort to find sources of genuine information and viewpoints, they may as well throw in the towel now.

Since the censorship efforts have been in place, this is what has happened to my audience. During most of 2019 I was averaging over 1000 reads per day. Now my viewership has dropped to between 75 to 150. Censorship is highly effective.

Not just Fantasy Free Economics but all other blogs with non main street content                  have suffered in the same way. I have decided not to quit. I will write even if it is only my three sons who read it.

The facts are that our links are not allowed on social media at all. Search engines bury us so deep no one can find us. Firefox advises users that we are not safe. Even ZeroHedge removes comments with links and so on. The only way our blogs can even grow half way back to where they used to be, in terms of readership, is when folks send links out in emails.

That is the situation independent blog writers are in. If our information gets spread around at all, it is because our readers send out our links independently of other media.

On a positive note, it seems the Chinese are once again allowing their citizens to access these kinds of blogs. I am getting hits from China again.





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About Fantasy Free Economics

James Quillian independent scholar,free market economist,and teacher of natural law. Who is James Quillian? Certainly I am nobody special, Just a tireless academic and deep thinker. Besides that, I have broken the code with respect to economics and political science. Credentials? Nothing you would be impressed with. I am not a household name. It is hard to become famous writing that virtually no one in the country is genuinely not in touch with reality. But, if I did not do that, there would be no point in my broking the broken the code. If you read the blog, it is easy to see that there are just a few charts, no math and no quantitative analysis. That is not by accident. Given what I know, those items are completely useless. I do turn out to be highly adept at applying natural law. Natural law has predominance over any principles the social science comes up. By virtue of understanding natural law, I can debunk, in just a few sentences , any theory that calls for intervention by a government. My taking the time to understand the ins and outs of Keynes General Theory is about like expecting a chemistry student to completely grasp all that the alchemists of the middle ages thought they understood in efforts to turn base metals into goal. Keynesian theory clearly calls for complete objectivity. Government can only make political decisions. Keynesian techniques call for economic decisions. So, why go any further with that? Fantasy Free Economics is in a sense a lot like technical analysis. Technical analysis began with the premise that it was impossible to gain enough information studying fundamentals to gain a trading advantage. Study the behavior of investors instead. Unlike technical analysis, I don't use technical charts. What I understand are the incentives of different people and entities active in the economics arena. For example, there is no such thing as an incentive to serve with life in the aggregate. In the aggregate, only self interest applies. It is routinely assumed otherwise. That is highly unappealing. But, I am sorry. That is the way it is. I can accept that because I am genuinely in touch with reality. Step one in using Fantasy Free Economics is for me to understand just how little I really know. A highly credentialed economist may know 100 times what I do based on the standard dogma. Compare the knowledge each of us has compared to all there is to know and we both look like we know nothing at all. There is always more than we don't know than what we do know. I am humble enough to present myself on that basis. Why? That is the way it is. I am not bad at math. I have taught math. What I understand is when to use it and when to rely on something else. Math is useless in natural law so I don't use it. While others look at numbers, I am busy understanding the forces in nature that makes their numbers what they are. That gives me a clear advantage.
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3 months ago

Hi James,

One reason you are getting buried search results wise is you do not have a https cert, may I recommend you contact your web host TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and ask them to install a SSL certificate for you?

If you need help with this please contact me and I will help.

4 months ago

Yes, I have seen that guy.He’s spot-on. I actually first saw him posted on the other economics blog I read every day – armstrongeconomics.com. Do you ever read his blog? I do find it extremely interesting (and scary) that his Socrates system is calling for a political panic cycle in November 2022 – the first such panic cycle since the Great Depression. Between that and your recent post about martial law possibly coming later this year I am very concerned that we’re entering a period of extreme turbulence unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.

4 months ago

I’m really glad you decided to keep writing despite the obstacles, James. Hey if it’s any consolation you’ll know you’ll always have at least 4 readers – your three sons and yours truly. I am more than a little disappointed that I haven’t seen zerohedge link to your site. I think a lot of their readers would really appreciate Fantasy Free Economics; they seem generally more intelligent and clued-in than you usually see in most comments sections.