The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein Affair

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The terms  conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist are evoked as a means of protecting a lie. I have never heard either term used in any other way.

Collective action as a matter of fact is conspiracy based. All who approach government for any reason are part of a conspiracy. I don’t know of a case where one and only one person has taken a matter before congress where any kind of change has occurred. There is no way to address problems without observing conspiracies. Conspiracies may or not be secret. If a conspiracy is secret, it is not necessarily illegal. A person acting alone can have nefarious intentions just as can a group of people.

Immediately following the reporting of Epstein’s death, before the news had even been digested, from a chorus of news outlets, warnings were going out about what conspiracy theorists were going to to do with the issue. That alone indicates a plan is in effect. Translated into plain English this means. “If you question what has gone on here, we are going to make a fool out of you.” or, “Don’t listen to anyone who contradicts what you are going to be told over the coming days.” The coordinated use of terms which are used to protect a lie is an indication that a lie is being told.

There are a number of highly unlikely occurrences which took place in the time frame in which Epstein died. I have taken five of these happenings and figured a rough probability that all of these events would take place at the very place and time in the jail by coincidence.

How many jail cells are there in that jail? I don’t know but it is safe to assume quite a few. How many are equipt with a defective camera? Epstein’s cell may have been the only one in the jail with a bad camera. Still lets say 25% of all cameras are not working. That means there was a twentyfive percent chance Epstein would end up being in a cell with a broken camera.  It is odd that a high profile prisoner would end up in a cell with a bad camera. But for now, I won’t question that.

The camera focused on the hall in front of Epstein’s cell was malfunctioning also. Lets go with the extremely high probability that 25% of the hall cameras in the jail were bad also. So, if that many hall cameras are bad, there is a 25% chance the hall camera was bad also.

The probability that both cameras would not be working at a specific place in time would be the probabilities of the two single events multiplied together. That probability would be 6.25% just based on these two unlikely events.

Just for sake of example I am going to go with 25% as the probability the other three events would take place at exactly that time period also.

Two guards were taking naps at exactly the same time. Do all guards nap during their work day? Were they sleeping in the same place? How many other guards at the jail also nap during their work shift? 25% is really high. If sleeping guards was a standard at the jail, the jail would have an even worse reputation than it already does.

There was an agonizing scream from around Epstein’s cell at the time he died. How common are agonizing screams in the jail? Lets say during any hour, there is an agonizing scream from a cell in the prison 25% of the time. That would be quite a lot.

Then Epstein died at 6:30 a.m. when activity in the prison was subdued.

To find the probability all of these weird things happened together right about that time, we just multiply 0.25 by itself 5 times. The final probability that all of these events would occur all at about the same time is and around the same place is .09% which is of course less than 1%.

There is not much chance that Epstein’s death occurred the way it is said to have occurred by official sources.

The art of not knowing is a skill good politicians cultivate. There are lots who know what is going on. They are pretending they don’t know because it is in their personal best interest to assume that posture. Why else would no politicians speak up?

The reasoning is that it is better to let a multitude of important people who are guilty of child sex crimes get off scott free, than it is to allow the the power structure of the world to collapse.  Look at some of the names already known to be on the list.

I read a story one time about a group of parishioners who were concerned that a mob boss was a member of the parish. They told the priest the mobster should be excommunicated. The priest agreed but explained that under current circumstances that was not possible. The mobster tithed more than anyone else and the parish would not survive financially without his money. This is the reasoning of politicians who are not speaking up about what is going on with respect to Jeffrey Epstein. The fallacy in this is based on the misguided approach that the “end justifies the means.”  The nature of the fallacy is that it is the means that produces the final outcome. The story was fiction but the principle holds true.

So, the number of of elites guilty of sex crimes in the Epstein affair is so great that the power structure of the world would crumble if they were all exposed. Would Democrats, Republicans, Deep State, Media, Trump Administration and corporate leadership not have a huge incentive to work together to protect themselves? Is there any reason why they would not work together to make their common problem disappear? There is certainly a greater chance they would than they wouldn’t.

But, those groups never agree on anything you might say. They would get past that to accomplish this. They can argue later.

Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.
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[…] The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein Affair […]

2 years ago

I would posit that since the power structure of the world is collapsing already (in favor of those elites) due to the coronavirus panic-demic lockdown, the average person loses nothing in taking the elite down. And Trump won’t lose, either.


[…] The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein Affair […]