Sound The Trumpet

By Steve Quillian

A need has arisen and there’s a lot to say, a lot to pass on and we’re running out of time.

“Tell your sons about it, and let your sons tell their sons, and their sons the next generation.”    Joel 1:3

You Are drunk on social media, high with their stories and the fog is thick in your mind.  You waste away in your easy chair, staring into electric screens, taken with artificiality, stories, make believe.  As the electricity charges the batteries in your devices, you plug in, literally.

Meanwhile your jobs disappear, your productivity wanes.  You are running out of liquor, wine, beer, drugs of all sorts.  The food you eat is bad.  You tremble in your cushions.  Soon your only comfort will be the screen.  A better comfort would be a scream!  Yes, you’d scream, but what would your current comforter think?  Scream the wrong way and you could be cut off, and then where would you be?  You’d be exactly where you are right now, a place your comforters don’t want you to see, don’t want you to know is an option.  Your comforters don’t want you to know of a world that existed before them.  Sitting there idle, comforted by your idol, soon there will be no comfort.  Soon there will be no escape.

You have failed to stand up in the past, and instead of squaring with your failure you escaped and drowned your failure with escapism.  You have done anything to escape from the truth while your master kept feeding you, fatter and fatter until you could not move.  Mind out of shape, body out of shape, you check out and conform to the shape of your chair.  You are silent, afraid to speak up, afraid that your master will remove your comfort, remove your ease.  You forget that you were made for a world of discomfort, a world without ease, where fighting to survive was the norm.  You have lost your will to fight – almost, except for a small spark.  You sense that something is wrong.  You don’t know what it is.  A large part of you doesn’t want to know, so you doubt your doubt and remain the same.

“Please master!  My six hundred dollars!  Please feed me!  Please don’t take away my phone! My tablet! Please don’t take away my screens! My Netflix! My Disney! My Amazon! Please don’t take away my make believe!

Yes this is the scene, and you know it.  You hate to read this.  You can’t go on.  No matter.  Soon we will all be traitors in their eyes.  You pledge your allegiance to the screen, yet those who control the screen have taken away your jobs.  They are taking away your food and the ability to provide for yourself, while extracting all they can from you, while you comfortably and voicelessly waste away.  They comfort you and support you in your weakness, giving strength to your guilt. Your failure to speak up, to stand up makes you weaker, keeps you weak.

You are weak, yes.  But you must be made strong.  You must repent of your idleness and take on the true nature that is yours.  You must rise.  You must stand up, even if your joints are stiff.  You must strengthen your legs and begin to walk, for the time will soon come when you need the ability to run.  You must begin to speak.  Find your voice and say something – anything, if for nothing else, for practice, even if it is weak, even if it is wrong, even if you are wrong.  You must find the grace for yourself to forgive yourself for your previous weaknesses, shedding the weight of your guilt.  Yes you may still be weak today, but you will find new strength as you practice your stand, practice your walk, exercise your walk. Explore these things and find that which is right within you.  Find the first clue.  The first clue leads to the second, then the third, the fourth.  Soon there will be movement.  Soon you will find the way out.

It starts today.  It starts now.  It starts with turning off the screen of delusions, agendas and lies.  Turn off Google.  Turn off Facebook, Twittter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch.  Turn off the games.  Disconnect from Netflix, Disney, Amazon.  Disconnect from the virtual reality that is no reality at all so you can begin to learn about real reality.  Strengthen yourself and see with your own eyes the reality of what is actually going on around you before it is too late.

Right now you still have a voice, but the army is coming to silence you.  They’ve already begun crushing and they’ll crush you too.  Just last week Google, Apple and Amazon together maneuvered to take out a dissenting voice – Parler.  Google and Apple removed their apps from their app stores, Amazon removed them from the cloud platform.  What’s now known as Big Tech crushed and eliminated overnight, a billion dollar interest.  Let us learn from Parler’s mistakes.

They are coming.  They are on the march.  They are strong, swift and mighty, but it is not too late.  You are nimble and quick.  Start exercising now.  Start practicing now.  Right now they are the giant machine mowing down the forests and you are the little locusts that can blind their eyes and disrupt their plans.

Disconnect.  Unplug.  Endure the withdrawal and strengthen yourself while you still can, before you are rounded up and herded into a place you can never return from.  Join us in speaking your mind while you still can, while we still can.  Aleksandr Solzenitsyn famously said in his book The Gulag Archipelago, “Yes, resistance should have begun right there, at the moment of the arrest itself.  But it did not begin.”

The hunt is upon us.  The arrests have begun.  Blow the trumpet.  Sound the alarm and wake up, for the great reset is upon us and there is not much time.

My dad started talking about how Facebook was censoring his posts and shadow banning him long before anything like this entered the people’s general consciousness. I heard what he was saying, but because back then I felt that so much of my business was reliant upon social media for its success, I took it with a grain of salt.  I thought it was weird that they’d single my dad out, but I kept going, kept getting deeper and deeper into it.  I knew I had connected with thousands of people on the platform and couldn’t fathom the idea of giving all that up.  Then the pandemic came.  Facebook began censoring my dad by taking down his posts where he linked to doctors talking about Vitamin C.  Then as I started seeing others being shut down and silenced, I became concerned and began to look at social media as a whole with greater suspicion, yet I let my Facebook and my presence other social media platforms remain.    I started to notice my attitudes change negatively and my emotions become charged to such a degree that I decided to take a month off from social media.  I deleted all the apps from my devices and fasted for a while.  Remarkably, my attitude leveled out and my emotions stabilized.  I wasn’t as edgy or in a bad mood.  But then I slowly started letting myself back in and it wasn’t long until I was as bad, or even worse than before.  I thought really hard and struggled with what was really going on and I realized that everything I was going through was based on someone else’s agenda being fed to me through the screen.  Then one night in a mysterious flash of strength, I deleted everything.  Facebook gone.  Twitter gone.  Instagram gone.  I would trust myself to find another way, trust myself to be able to survive without the comforts I’d become accustomed to, comforts that were not really comforts at all.  Addictions, to say the least.  I must admit though I am still struggling though.  I found through the first wave of strength, the ability to rid myself of the social media giants, but I have yet to rid myself of Google, Amazon and others leading the charge in silencing millions.  But I will.  And I encourage you to find the strength with me to do the same – to shed the comforts that are corrupting us through the screens.  It is in this context that me and My dad started recording our discussions and have started learning to find new ways to not only have our voices heard, but to encourage others to strengthen themselves to find their voice and speak out as well.  It’s time.  Stand up with us.

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9 months ago

There will be 7 trumpets blown immediately after the 7 years of tribulation: