The Price Of Safety Security And Freedom

The Price Of Safety Security And Freedom PDF Version

What is interesting about safety and and security is that human beings will pay almost any amount to avoid living in fear and feeling vulnerable. They will pay as high a price for the perception of safety and security as the real thing. The difference is not easily discernible.

Does government provide safety and security? It can and does sometimes , but it is more likely to provide the perception only. Who knows the difference? It is the feeling that counts. Where do they look to get it? They look in the same place all animals look. That is  the herd’s leadership. It may be the head male in a pride of lions, or the most powerful male water buffalo. With human beings , it is their government. In any case, to the ordinary herd members, the cost is staggering. Continue reading

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More On The Stock Market 03/02/2022

Anyone who reads this blog even occasionally may grasp the value of the circumstantial evidence  I frequently cite, showing that the stock market is not managed solely by the Federal Reserve, but  split second by split second. It is also managed by the media or more accurately by  those who control what the media writes. This is not accepted in the slightest by even the most astute market analysts in the country.

Is circumstantial evidence relevant in economic issues?

Well, in the United State, by way of the  legal system, based circumstantial evidence, defendants are routinely sent to prison. Often criminals are put to death based on circumstantial evidence? Few argue with the with the outcome of trials where circumstantial has been the deciding factor. Are there are in fact bad jury decisions? Are the decisions any better if if these they are handed down from the bench? Think through those two two questions.

Continue reading

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What Folks Really Want From Government

What Folks Really Want From Government PDF Version

What do folks want from government? How can we determine what folks want? Those questions are easy to answer.  Look at who and what they vote for.

People want to feel safe. Government has no way to make life safe. Politicians can get elected by promising to keep citizens safe. Imaginary threats are even created as a means of providing opportunities for getting votes by means of making citizens feel safe. What is the point of making the population feel safe? It is an extremely profitable undertaking. Continue reading

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Animal Behavior In Humans

Animal Behavior In Humans PDF Version

Human beings generally are offended when animal behaviors are ascribed to them.

But, take even a casual glance, and it is easy to notice, especially in the aggregate, animal behavior is mostly what us exhibited. But, we don’t want it to be that way, right? So, the thinking brain is always assumed to be in charge. Seeing animal, or instinctive behavior can be noticed just by looking at some parallels.

Suppose a person sees a dog and wants to make use of its time and energy, in other words own it. What does a person do? He offers it a treat. With a few more treats, the dog bonds with the human and becomes loyal. The dog will then serve the human in countless ways that are worth for more than the treats. The dog will remain loyal even after a man whips it with a stick.

Suppose, Facebook want you to subscribe, so that they can make use of you as a target for advertising. What does Facebook do? It offers you a treat, which turns out to be a page where you can advertise yourself and all you do in the world.

Both dogs and humans will undergo substantial stress and hardship before giving up a treat.

Facebook can take away a human’s First Amendment rights, manage his opinions and expose him to propaganda from the state. This is abuse that rises to a higher level than whipping a dog. So, what does the human do? By no means is he going to leave Facebook. Facebook is the source of his treats.





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Stock Market Warning

Stocks will crash in the absence of a successful plan to save them.  Is there a plan? I can say this. For two years, the smart people have been drawing the public into the market. Any, chance the elite have been selling to the public throughout this period? What do you think?

When it crashes, the elite will ready. After it falls they will spend the next ten or so years buying more stock and further consolidating the ownership of equities.

In an earlier post, Expect The Announcement, I suggested that there was most likely an arrangement whereby major industries, especially big tech would be nationalized, with insiders being paid the high market value their stocks command. That makes sense, but the tech sector has been losing political power. This seriously diminishes the probability that this will happen. If techs fall fast enough, it won’t. Don’t think your lawmakers have any loyalty to any industry. They support them because they provide them with their political essence. Techs, banks and healthcare can easily be thrown under the bus and replaced with other moneyed interests.

The fact is that no one is in control of the economy or the government, no not anything or anybody.

Do expect trading platforms to fail at the most critical moments. This will be no accident. Trap the public so that the elites can get out with as little damage as possible. Also, look for online financial news sites to quit working or at least slowed down to a crawl.

I typically cite the healthcare industry to be mob owned and controlled. However, in reality, the mob controls all three branches of our government.

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Why The European Union Is So Miserable

Why The European Union Is So Miserable PDF Version

Have ordinary citizens ever petitioned their government wanting to consolidate their governments into one unit? I remember no such initiative. So, does that simple observation mean anything? No, not unless you think about it.

Where do ideas for political initiatives come from? Do they just spring up from out of the concrete and embed themselves in the minds of the people? Probably not, but they do have to come from somewhere. Some might argue that these kinds of initiatives are divinely  inspired.

There are other possibilities. In today’s world all political initiatives are for profit. So, having all Europeans submit to a higher authority must be good for the various entities which make these things happen.

Here is exactly where the misery ensues.  Remember the old and underused adage of natural law, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unfortunately that bit of ancient wisdom and logic is only used as a platitude. Take it seriously and the world looks a lot difference and what happens makes sense.

The consolidation of power is much more conducive to absolute corruption than is the corruption present in the governments of each individual country. So you folks in Europe end up living in a hopelessly corrupt system.

One other point is that anonymity renders each individual as meaningless to a system’s leaders. So, if it seems nobody at the top loves you and you are only a cog in the wheel, that is because it is absolutely true.

Folks in Europe, don’t think I am picking on you alone. Here in the U.S., we are already further down the road to destruction than you are. Organized crime owns our healthcare industry. Our life expectancy is plummeting. Our citizens are compliant to the point of self destruction. Join us if you wish but I seriously advise you not to.

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The Righteous and Ridicule

The Righteous and Ridicule PDF Version

Here is  a good definition of ridicule.

“The act of using words, gestures, images, or other products of expression to evoke laughter or contemptuous feelings regarding a person or thing.” American Heritage Dictionary.

Is ask you. is there ever an occasion where a good thinking, highly sentient, honest person should  use ridicule as a tool or for any reason? At first glance it seems one would  lower ones self considerably by engaging in such unsophisticated simple minded discourse.

Even non Christians seem to believe Jesus was honest and straight forward. Here is Jesus engaging in, lets say, righteous ridicule.  “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to” (Matthew 23:13

This is ridicule. Why would Jesus lower himself to engage in ridicule? Is there anything honest and straight forward he could say or do to change their behavior? No, absolutely nothing. Debating them would gain nothing. They were not truth seekers. They were the kind who would say or do anything to get what they want. Continue reading

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Letter To My Congressman Henry Cuellar

Letter To My Congressman PDF Version

Henry Cuellar

Sir, I am James Quillian, Author of the Fantasy Free Economics blog. I have a unique perspective on what is developing in the United States in terms of economics and politics.

Both the economy and our political system are going to collapse. This will probably happen prior to the 2022 elections. Since you are the congressman from my district, I am going to offer you some advice as to how to protect yourself and hold on to your seat in congress.

What I recommend to you is that you practice the art of not knowing, when damage to your constituents can no longer be denied. Continue reading

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Stimulus The Political Tool

Stimulus The Political Tool PDF Version

Many times, I have written that whether it is monetary or fiscal that stimulus is a political tool. It has no honest application. It is and has been a big lie from day one.

Why is it impossible for stimulus to to have a net positive effect on the economy? I can give all kinds of explanations as to why, both abstract and down to earth. That is nice and perhaps would be entertaining but it is not necessary. Human nature does not allow these programs to work.

Keynes, the father of stimulus, certainly argued that objectivity and non-bias were completely necessary. Keynes did not grasp that objectivity and non-bias are not possible in government. Government cannot make economic decisions. Governments make only political decisions. Continue reading

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The Coming War

Folks simply can’t and won’t fathom the complete corruption and belligerence of the ruling class. Based on an average person’s DNA it does not seem possible that leaders in the United States would be wicked enough to start a war for the sole reason of  hanging onto power. I guarantee that the DNA of each of your leaders is so much different than yours that they could easily be classed as hybrid humans.

Some things that need to be believed are just to horrible to believe. There are no limits to what can and will be done to protect the interests powerful people in the United States.

Here is the situation. There is no way the United States can pay its debts when interest rates normalize. The economy has been good because asset values have been increased by way of government policy. The good manicured and manipulated stock market will not last for ever. Interest rates everywhere will increase no matter what the Federal Reserve does. Interest rates will skyrocket when debts can’t be paid.

So, what can be done? Just making more money available will accomplish nothing when the economy tanks. However, starting a war, will generate a reason to create even more money, and military expenditures will elevate GDP.

Inflation is entirely necessary for the purpose of burying the nations enormous debt which really is nothing but welfare for the rich.  A war will create more than enough inflation to bail out the super wealthy.

Will it happen? Of course it will, baring something very unlikely. There is a completely remote chance that ordinary citizens will rise up and stop it from happening.

Expect martial law be for the end of 2022.

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