More On The Stock Market 03/02/2022

Anyone who reads this blog even occasionally may grasp the value of the circumstantial evidence  I frequently cite, showing that the stock market is not managed solely by the Federal Reserve, but  split second by split second. It is also managed by the media or more accurately by  those who control what the media writes. This is not accepted in the slightest by even the most astute market analysts in the country.

Is circumstantial evidence relevant in economic issues?

Well, in the United State, by way of the  legal system, based circumstantial evidence, defendants are routinely sent to prison. Often criminals are put to death based on circumstantial evidence? Few argue with the with the outcome of trials where circumstantial has been the deciding factor. Are there are in fact bad jury decisions? Are the decisions any better if if these they are handed down from the bench? Think through those two two questions.

Who wants to do away with the jury system and give total total legal authority to judges and bureaucracies? Our founding fathers did not think so. Do you want to do away with the jury system yourself? If you do, give it a try and see how many followers you can get.

My question now is, “Is circumstantial evidence of no use in analyzing the financial markets? If you don’t believe it is, there isn’t much reason for reading this blog. Whether it involves economic issues or the stock market, circumstantial evidence is mostly what I use. I will say that if you read this blog anyway, you will eventually find my ideas quite helpful and useful.

Are citizens so dim witted, that we must make sure they don’t have the meaningful information, because they would make life make life miserable for all of us.? Citizens themselves believe they are. Congress insists that they are. I myself got slaughtered running for congress for making the that they are not.

With that being said, this short article is sourced in both circumstantial evidence as well as natural law. Below, you will see the following headline I copied from a an  article this morning.

Futures Rebound On Hopes Of Resuming Ukraine Negotiations, Oil Soars To Decade High 

Anything wrong with this Headline? It is all true. But, as a means of manipulating the public, the driving force behind the stock market, according to the media, is reduced down to one concern. This technique has been used over and over again for many decades. If my memory serves my correctly, John Kenneth Galbraith gave examples of this in his classic, The Great Society, in the 1950’s. There is an interesting aspect to insight. Over time meat spoils. Insight never spoils. It has an eternal life span. Don’t disregard what Galbraith wrote in the fifties. Insight is initially treated a a threat. I scares authority. Look where insight  got Galileo. Look where it got Jesus. look at where it has gotten so many bright people who get censored by social media outlets.

People are easier to to manipulate, if the the criteria they are being presented is reduced down to one available notion.

I like the phrase “Lets Go Brandon.” .To heck with Joe Biden. This phrase could easily morph into something more meaningful. I would like to see be the standard phrase to be used more as, a here we go again mantra anytime we are exposed to a mercenary public figure or institution which is pushing a sinister agenda over the public.

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About Fantasy Free Economics

James Quillian independent scholar,free market economist,and teacher of natural law. Who is James Quillian? Certainly I am nobody special, Just a tireless academic and deep thinker. Besides that, I have broken the code with respect to economics and political science. Credentials? Nothing you would be impressed with. I am not a household name. It is hard to become famous writing that virtually no one in the country is genuinely not in touch with reality. But, if I did not do that, there would be no point in my broking the broken the code. If you read the blog, it is easy to see that there are just a few charts, no math and no quantitative analysis. That is not by accident. Given what I know, those items are completely useless. I do turn out to be highly adept at applying natural law. Natural law has predominance over any principles the social science comes up. By virtue of understanding natural law, I can debunk, in just a few sentences , any theory that calls for intervention by a government. My taking the time to understand the ins and outs of Keynes General Theory is about like expecting a chemistry student to completely grasp all that the alchemists of the middle ages thought they understood in efforts to turn base metals into goal. Keynesian theory clearly calls for complete objectivity. Government can only make political decisions. Keynesian techniques call for economic decisions. So, why go any further with that? Fantasy Free Economics is in a sense a lot like technical analysis. Technical analysis began with the premise that it was impossible to gain enough information studying fundamentals to gain a trading advantage. Study the behavior of investors instead. Unlike technical analysis, I don't use technical charts. What I understand are the incentives of different people and entities active in the economics arena. For example, there is no such thing as an incentive to serve with life in the aggregate. In the aggregate, only self interest applies. It is routinely assumed otherwise. That is highly unappealing. But, I am sorry. That is the way it is. I can accept that because I am genuinely in touch with reality. Step one in using Fantasy Free Economics is for me to understand just how little I really know. A highly credentialed economist may know 100 times what I do based on the standard dogma. Compare the knowledge each of us has compared to all there is to know and we both look like we know nothing at all. There is always more than we don't know than what we do know. I am humble enough to present myself on that basis. Why? That is the way it is. I am not bad at math. I have taught math. What I understand is when to use it and when to rely on something else. Math is useless in natural law so I don't use it. While others look at numbers, I am busy understanding the forces in nature that makes their numbers what they are. That gives me a clear advantage.
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