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From 2800 BC to present  there have been 33784 years when there was an empire trying to rule the world. Some of these initiatives lasted hundreds of years. Some just came and went.

All of these attempts are listed at that following link. Empires and Times

At any given time the world has been under the influence of one empire building initiative or another for an average of about 67 years. Given that, is it really unusual to think there is an orchestrated attempt to capture the worlds factors of production going on right now? Is that not the ultimate goal of all attempts to rule the world?

Up until recently, world capturing efforts were all military in nature. Who would launch a military initiative to do such a thing when the same result can be achieved by managing the worlds resources by taking over all of the major markets around the globe?

Medical Mafia is the name of a book I haven’t read. It is hard to get. I don’t know what is in it. I am making use of the term because it describes healthcare today exactly as it is.

                                                       Medical Mafia

The Affordable Care Act provides multiple skimming operations that are used in the healthcare industry. The bill guarantees decades of highly profitable operations for all higher level healthcare organizations and facilities.

The bill converts doctors into clerks who act as agents for the medical mafia. Doctors are lulled into this because clerking for the medical mafia is about the only way it is possible to practice medicine. Doctors don’t consciously decide to aid organized crime. Clerking is the main and sometimes only path a doctor has to earn an income.  A doctor’s income is not the issue. In this system a typical doctor is nowhere near the top of the food chain. The warning I have for doctors is that clerking on behalf of the medical mafia diminishes your utility to society. That will cause your income to drop over time. Acting as an agent of the medical mafia though may be the only option a doctor has.

A patient goes into a medical offices. First there are a series of questions that are unrelated to any complaint the patient is making. Have you had your flu shot? Do you feel safe at home? Have you fallen recently? Are you suicidal? These questions are for mining for problems to be exploited by virtue of various skimming operations that are applicable. Surely the staff has been convinced that they doing a good thing by managing people’s lives and decisions with respect to healthcare.

But, what about the patient’s complaint? The importance of that is greatly diminished. Odds are that the reason for the visit will be ignored. The subject will be changed to something that better exploits feeding frenzies on federal money. All of this takes place in less than 15 minutes but usually even less than that.

‘The death rate actually started rising in 2014 when the bill was fully functional. Genuine issues patients have are routinely disregarded. Diagnoses must me made in 15 minutes or less. By this time a patient’s medical history has been purged except for a few things relevant to mining for the feeding frenzies.  How good of a diagnosis could be made here even by the Albert Einstein of physicians.  Having a brain is one thing. Having the time to use it something else. Naturally lifespans are falling and this is only the beginning.

Why suspect organized crime? After all, no public notices have been posted announcing the operation of a global crime syndicate.

It would be better to turn the question around and ask, why wouldn’t a crime syndicate take over the U.S. healthcare market? Who is going to stop them? Would the mob run the healthcare market, if it could find a way to do it?

Look at outcomes. Do outcomes in the healthcare market look like the work of organized crime? It is a common practice to assign a high probability that systems with the same or similar outputs have the same or similar inputs.  The skimming operation is the brainchild of the Mafia. So, if there are skimming operations baked into ObamaCare, could they have been placed their by an organized crime syndicate?

Then you have a program of massive censorship of dialog over all things medical which could interfere with healthcare profits.  Have countless dollars been spent on massive lobbying efforts by the healthcare industry? Can this really be explained as a huge caring effort to do wonderful things for all Americans? As it turns out all legislation today is on a for profit basis. Who in the past has bought their way into government as a way of fleecing the public?

Honest answers to these kinds of questions all indicate that organized crime has taken over and runs the healthcare market. So, where is my proof that anything devious is going on with healthcare in the United States? It is the same place as everyone’s proof that the mob in New York is operating. The Mob in New York never posted public notices announcing its existence either.

Try this as an experiment. Can you think of any other crimes you think might be occurring anywhere just based on your own reasoning? Assuming you can, what gives you the right to entertain such a notion? After all you have no proof. Perhaps law enforcement should do away with the concept of suspect.

So, by managing people’s lives, making folks healthcare decisions, managing their lives, and extending their lives with Big Pharma drugs some interesting positive observations will be made. Of course, costs and unanticipated consequence are never mentioned or entertained.

Given a little time we will have a population who is not capable of making healthcare decisions because they never get any practice. The help and services they get will be only in areas that contribute to profitability by virtue of the skimming operations contained in the Affordable Care Act.







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