There are countless Americans who are upset given the strange atmosphere in the country. I wonder though how many are really thinking? There seems to be an attitude that some leader will emerge and move the country back in the right direction. I guarantee you, this will never happen. Unless ordinary people who live in houses and apartments, whom must work in order to survive, get aggressive in communicating their thoughts, there is absolutely no chance that most of them will avoid being destroyed financially.

Government is not about representing. It is not about creating fairness or opportunities. Government is for taking, not for giving. There is no chance anyone in the world will give up their own self interest and do good things for constitutions. It has never happened yet. Watch, and see if it happens this time. Continue reading

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Biden Gets One Right

Joe Biden knows a “dumb son of a bitch” when he sees one.

Check who his comments were directed at.

We have to give credit where credit is due.

Please understand there is no implication that Biden is not a “dumb son of a bitch” himself.

Perhaps it takes one to know one.

On this one his sincerity cannot be questioned. There was no teleprompter.


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Defense Of Lincoln Perry

Defense Of Lincoln Perry PDF Version

Lincoln Perry was the actor who invented and played the Steppin’ Fetchet character. For years he has been maligned by virtually everyone, black and white, for the damage his character did to the image folks have of black people. I wonder how how many folks have studied how the Stepnin Fetchet Character came into being. First, lets look at the mentality of the country at the time. There was no meaningful civil rights movement. There was a general attitude that nothing was in the offing that would change race relations at the time. The notion of how one individual through his behavior might have a profound impact on society as a whole was not part of life. Lincoln Perry’s Steppin Fetchet character in the beginning entertained black audiences.

What type of comedy was popular in the 1930s? It was nothing like what is popular today. There was an element of cruelty and self effacement was where the money was for comedians. Continue reading

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Medical Mafia

Medical Mafia PDF Version             Receive Email Notification Of New Articles

From 2800 BC to present  there have been 33784 years when there was an empire trying to rule the world. Some of these initiatives lasted hundreds of years. Some just came and went.

All of these attempts are listed at that following link. Empires and Times

At any given time the world has been under the influence of one empire building initiative or another for an average of about 67 years. Given that, is it really unusual to think there is an orchestrated attempt to capture the worlds factors of production going on right now? Is that not the ultimate goal of all attempts to rule the world?

Up until recently, world capturing efforts were all military in nature. Who would launch a military initiative to do such a thing when the same result can be achieved by managing the worlds resources by taking over all of the major markets around the globe?

Medical Mafia is the name of a book I haven’t read. It is hard to get. I don’t know what is in it. I am making use of the term because it describes healthcare today exactly as it is.

                                                       Medical Mafia

The Affordable Care Act provides multiple skimming operations that are used in the Continue reading

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DNA Of Your Betters

DNA Of Your Betters PDF Version

What are some of life’s most competitive activities? There are professional sports, pop music, business in general and so on. Is there any reason why an average person with an average of DNA based attributes cannot rise to the top in any and all of competitive fields.

There is no law against trying. Given enough effort is there any reason why Pee Wee Herman couldn’t play line backer in the NFL? Perhaps he does not run fast enough. Is he too light? Can he bench press 400 lbs? Is he competitive enough? It takes a lot to qualify as a linebacker in the NFL.  What is most necessary here is what is in a person’s DNA. Continue reading

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Essence of Fantasy Free Thinking

Essence of Fantasy Free Thinking PDF Version

Every child is born into an ongoing eternal power struggle but does not know that is the case.

Nature gives all of its creatures a high level of discernment with respect to the present moment. All animals are born with the ability to recognize risks, rewards as well as fact or fiction close to flawlessly in the present moment. Opportunities and dangers are immediately fathomed and responded to.

The basic nature of our existence is completely daunting. We know not what we are nor why we are here. We can only live by consuming other living things. We do not know what life is even though we recognize it when we see it. We do not know what consciousness is either or whether it is part of the physical world or exists independently. We are mortal and really don’t know what death is either. There is and alternative to living in the uncertainty that is given by nature. We can replace it with fantasy. Continue reading

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Political Medicine and Life Expectancy

Political Medicine and Life Expectancy PDF Version

Do we have classic socialized medicine in the United States? Do we have national healthcare inspired by European Democratic socialism? What we have is political medicine. With socialism goods and services are rationed by something other than price


Who gets what or how much in terms of healthcare is determined by political power. Those with little or no political power have get very little to none in terms of healthcare.

How does ObamaCare kill? It turns doctors into clerks and patients into commodities. Insurance plans are actually life management plans and have no characteristics of genuine insurance. Under Obamacare preventive healthcare comes down to starting patients with anointed maladies on big pharma life extending prescriptions drugs. Doctors no longer talk to patients about genuine preventive measures like losing weight.

A doctor’s role is no to mine for problems to exploit on behalf of the huge financially powerful firms which lobbied for decades to get the pill passed. After those are found, any other patient issues are explained away, postponed or ignored.

Doctors now act as agents of the state helping to carry out national healthcare agendas. From your doctor, do you get his opinion or a political opinion? Truth is not used in politics. So, is truth used in medicine?

This is why the death rate in the U. S. is increasing. It is going to get a lot worse. When was the last time you can remember a bad law being repealed in the United States?



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Who Gets To Suffer?

Who Gets To Suffer PDF Version

One thing that is helpful in figuring out why

things turnout the way they do is ordinary thinking. There seems to be a moratorium on that activity.

As far as I know, I am the only person in the world who has pondered such  things as who came up with the Corona Virus Response? One hint is, given just by making an observation as to who and what is profiting greatly as a result.

Another unasked question is where does the incentive to censor information that is deemed not good for the masses to hear, see or read come from? Continue reading

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Trump Smells Blood Or A Carnival Barker Unleashed

I have no accurate idea of how many emails per day I get from Donald Trump. Five per hour seems about right. He smells blood and he is coming.

The tide is changing. First there is “Lets Go Brandon.”  It caught on and still has legs. The public is not accepting mandates. Lies are being exposed. The Rittenhouse trial has been won. Biden is looking worse everyday.

Trump is coming, This does not mean I support Trump. This is not entirely about the presidency. That election is in 2024.
Continue reading

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Left Right Conservative Liberal And Genuine Influences

Left Right Conservative Liberal And Genuine Influences PDF Version 

I constantly read and hear comments from respected political analysts, bright blog writers and others that the left or liberals are imposing an agenda on well meaning right minded conservatives. They say these things as if there is a genuine effort going on to impose classic socialism on Americans. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was actually the case. That is an easy fix.

Here is how things actually break down.

As I have mentioned countless times, Big Tech, Big Pharma,, Banking and Insurance completely control the flow of legislation, all government policies plus what the general public hears, thinks and bases their opinions on. This is the truth and it is scary. So what do people do with scary things? They replace them with more pleasant thoughts. Continue reading

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