World Leaders Kill

It takes a political personality to become a world leader. That is similar if not the same as sociopath.

Shortly after being elected, without flinching, Donald Trump launched a missile attack into Syria. Somebody died for sure. We don’t know who are how many. Most only guess as to why.

Vladimir Putin is said to have ordered the execution of a number of people deemed to be traitors to Russia.

Chances are that during evolution, certain personality types came into being as various tasks within groups of people needed to be performed. World leaders are likely a result of that process. The ability of an aggregation to survive called for a leader who could make life and death decisions without the handicap of a conscience  or feelings of remorse.

That being said, Vladimir Putin is one of the greatest communicators the world has ever known. His defusing of Megyn Kelly’s ridiculous questions in St. Petersburg was totally masterful. I know little about Russian intentions on the world stage so this is not an endorsement of Putin or anything Russian. It is not a condemnation either.

Putin does not flinch. He remains businesslike regardless of the silliness of the person who is interviewing him. That is to be commended.

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