Work is a Second Choice

Big_Male_Lion_Eating_An_Animal_Carcass_600One big myth is that lions always kill their own meat. More often than not, they find a dead carcass and eat that as a first choice. Usually they run off some weaker predictors and steal their prey and that is a fraction of the effort it takes to track and kill. In nature, work is a second choice. Work is a second choice in mankind also.

Are you aware that historically, economists have been overwhelmingly wrong at every significant economic turning point in history? This is largely because they use erroneous assumptions in all of the work they do. In economics, human beings are assumed to be champing at the the bit to do do productive work.  In practice, work is in fact a second choice. Work is only done if the same return cannot be gained without working. Living off the efforts of others is always the first choice with work a respectable second choice.  It is a human characteristic to present oneself as completely noble in every thought and action. In real life it doesn’t work that way.

Entire institutions and behaviors have become organized around the effort to get payed without working. All of modern democracy today is centered around millions of people trying to get what they want by getting others to provide it for them. For generations, the rich have used government as a way to exempt themselves from any constraints of a free market while making sure that free market principles apply to all others.

It is impossible for economists to predict human behavior when their assumptions with respect to the most basic incentives are completely backwards.

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