Why Weinstein? Why Now?

After decades of being who he is with hardly a soul not knowing about his behavior, his friends and everyone else in the world has turned against him. The question here is not what he did or how bad it was but, why now? It was all common knowledge. Who in Hollywood has morals much if any higher?

Weinstein looks like a sacrifice. The candidates he normally supports have dug themselves into deep holes. The money he has contributed to campaigns no longer has the same utility it once did.  Perhaps he had lost influence.

Perhaps there is trouble in paradise. Relationships among the elite may be experiencing some stress. Our anointed citizens may be having issues with waining solidarity. This could have ramifications with respect to everything from healthcare to the financial markets.

One thing is for sure. Weinstein is not being brought down suddenly without a reason or an agenda attached. There has to be a need for one general scapegoat available for massive finger shaking. The pretense of innocence among all who knew him is quite colorful. Should we expect more theatrics and righteous indignation. Yes, of course.

For sure Weinstein’s fall represents emerging stress among the elite. Probably his circumstances will be used to focus on while issues with other important people are uncovered. Being a sociopath has some disadvantages. One of those is that others who are like you discard you like rubbish as soon as you are of no use to them.


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