Why Things Are The Way They Are Today

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The wheel evolved around 5000 years ago. Notice how life has changed since then. Then there was the advent of the sail. Life completely changed again. There was the development of the steam engine followed by the internal combustion engine followed by flight. Life hasn’t been the same since.  All of these developments greatly enhanced the lifestyles and well being of mankind.

At a nonspecific time the concept of free markets emerged. During the same time period, the institution of democracy was refined. Democratic principles and free markets have enhanced the well being of mankind many times more and in a shorter period of time than all of the other previously mentioned developments put together. The invention of engines and other engineering marvels would have never have occurred without free markets being in place.

So, why are we experiencing such huge difficulties today with respect to economics, democracy, and freedom in general? These institutions are opposed by human nature which comes down to inborn instinct. So, free markets, democratic principles and the quest for freedom are now in retrograde.  Freedom is nothing the great masses of humanity have ever insisted upon. At the time of the American Revolution the elite of the colonies were the driving force behind the separation from England. Mostly, freedom was imposed on everyone else. At that time freedom, democracy and free markets served the best interest of the elite colonists.  Where freedom was concerned keeping Africans as slaves  served enough of the elite that, where freedom was concerned, it was not allowed to apply to Africans.

Lets, compare the progress of freedom as it evolved in the country we separated from. At what point did the concept of freedom for the masses grow at a faster pace, in the United States than it did in England? I don’t have a clear answer to that question. I am not sure there is much if any difference. It is an important question. The British did outlaw slavery in around 1820, before that institution was abolished in the United States.

Do not think that, democracy, free markets and freedom will disappear from the United States permanently but these concepts are going to be in retrograde for a such long time that the process will be not likely be reversed during the lifetimes of any who are alive today.

In today’s world, the elites do not occupy just one country. Today, it is in the best interest of the elite to use economics by force, while all others are bound by the rigors of free market competition. This requires a diminished level of freedom on the part of the  overall populations. Things were different in 1776. Now there is no elite group which will benefit from individual citizens making their own choices with respect to how they use their time and energy. The new paradigm is to treat the world population as a huge herd of cattle would be treated. The population is best kept comfortable and focused on mush. Some dairy farmers play soothing music for their cows and claim to get more milk that way. The media is used to control opinions. Any idea that will in any way disturb a controlled market is censored .

These are the root dynamics guiding economics and politics today.

Drinking Beer And Suffering Till The Bailouts Are All Done

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9 months ago

Please listen to the 15 minute video in this link that is covering a 2010 Rockefeller foundation “scenario” that the world is presently experiencing:


Everything is converging for the last 8 years to commence this decade:


9 months ago

YW! I tried reply directly to your reply to me but the “reply” button does not appear to be working. There is a mystery that has been manifesting for 2000 years: