Why Tax the Rich?

tax-the-rich.gi.topWhy tax the rich? Government is their tool and the rich should pay for it. Today being a billionaire means feeding off the poor.  The poor don’t see it that way and conservatives in the echo chambers think it is the other way around.

Echo chamber conservatives worship Warren Buffett as they worship all billionaires. There is not a billionaire alive today who didn’t use government as the primary means of getting rich. Amassing great wealth comes largely from rigging markets, capturing customers and managing public opinion. Government always keeps profit margins high and wages low.

All of this is normal in a rigged market economy. Unfortunately, the poor along with the echo chambers conservatives believe our economic system of free market based.

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James Quillian is an independent scholar,free market economist, teacher of natural law, teacher and originator of the Fantasy Free approach to economics. James Quillian does not believe lies. Contact: news@quillian.net
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Jean Taylor
6 years ago


The above link demonstrates an example of the rich and powerful reaping resources from ordinary, less powerful taxpayers.