Who Are The Real Fools?

I really like the Wall Street protestors. These are really gentle mobs. This is not what I would call genuine civil unrest. I remember during the bailout days of 2008 that the public was something like 100 to 1 against and they let their representatives know it. At that time I recognized the fact that citizens had lost control over government as a bigger danger than the bailout itself. These people see themselves as paying consequences for laws they were opposed to from the outset. They are in the street because of the failure of democracy.
The real fools are the protestor’s detractors who mistakenly see themselves as free. You are only free in your imaginations. Democracy doesn’t work if citizens cannot control government. At least the protestors understand the predicament they are in with respect to government.

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James Quillian is an independent scholar,free market economist, teacher of natural law, teacher and originator of the Fantasy Free approach to economics. James Quillian does not believe lies. Contact: news@quillian.net
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