Where are those stories?

There is no news coverage of Syria? Just a week or so back nothing would do but that we bomb Syria. Anything going on in Iraq? How about Afghanistan? Wow, what a peaceful world we live in.
Syria sure straightened itself out in a hurry and without any American troops.
Or, perhaps your government had had a powwow with the news media and they came to an agreement to black out the coverage.
Feinstein of California thinks her constituents are so ignorant that she is protecting them by voting against their wishes. The elite who actually to tell lawmakers how to vote need government and the media to manage the beliefs of Americans. Americans help them out by believing everything they are told.

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James Quillian is an independent scholar,free market economist, teacher of natural law, teacher and originator of the Fantasy Free approach to economics. James Quillian does not believe lies. Contact: news@quillian.net
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