When Fantasies Die

When fantasies die many who hold those fantasies to be true die with them. Donald Trump is only president. There is a limit to how much damage a president can do alone. A nation full of mush minded ignorant citizens can do unlimited damage.

People like this will die before they learn what the issues are and become enlightened.  This has played out many times in many parts of the world. Government makes people feel special and they support candidates who elevate their self esteem. I am not talking about the illiterate and the uneducated. I am talking about professional people with higher degrees.

The folks in the picture neither understand the issues facing the country nor do they even know what the issues are. They don’t know that they are being robbed blind by government monetary policy.  They wrongfully believe the U.S. military is fighting for freedom. They don’t know the difference between healthcare and health insurance. They don’t even know who financed the candidate they voted for in the election.  They don’t know what fascism is. Fascism has replaced our free market system and these folks are not even aware that it has happened. They hear kind words about special people and believe government has been doing something for these people. The Democratic Party has done absolutely nothing for women, minorities gays or anyone else.  We are looking at ignorance and stupidity so thick that it couldn’t be cut away with a knife.

Regardless, these people will die before they disolve their fantasies in the light of reality. I mean that literally. When a reality gap gets as large as this one is, it is really hard for a country to survive.


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About Fantasy Free Economics

James Quillian is an independent scholar,free market economist, teacher of natural law, teacher and originator of the Fantasy Free approach to economics. James Quillian does not believe lies. Contact: news@quillian.net
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