What we Know for Certain, Fed and Interest Rates

121215 crude

The crude oil chart shows the eventual path of the stock market and the U.S. economy.

Regardless of what the Federal Reserve announces on Wednesday with respect to interest rates, there will be a a huge short squeeze engineered by the worlds central banks and the remaining friends of the Fed who trade risk free for lending their assistance.

The worse the news is, the more the effort will be to rocket the market on Wednesday. Will it work? It has worked up to this point every time the squeeze has been orchestrated.

The fact that I am stating clearly exactly what is going to happen three days ahead of time sheds doubt on whether it actually will work this time.  Let me be clear, the squeeze will be orchestrated. If it fails the outcome will be disastrous.

The Fed’s first concern is the stock market.

Just Another Day at the Whorehouse is a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy.

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