What is an Immigrant Worth?

I will tell you again that there is only one natural incentive that is relevant in economics. That is self interest. The incentive to serve on the part of those elected is completely imaginary.

There are many reasons why immigrants come to the United States.  That is not the topic of the article. The concern here is what are immigrants worth to United States citizens who are actively drawing them in.

We can ignore the virtue signaling as in “See I am a good person, I want to open our borders to everyone seeking refuge or a better life.” That is all mush. People who virtue signal have no power to do anything and are too lazy to do anything that makes a difference. They have a vision of the world and in their mind that makes them superior and even better it makes others see them in a superior light, so they believe.

Immigrants are worth billions and billions of dollars to the elite who are billionaires and who dictate policy to your government. An immigrant from Syria may be poor but in the United States, he is a better market for goods and services than he would be in his old country. Countless dollars can be made by selling things to the poor and oppressed. It matters not if the average income of the country drops to close to zero. The shear numbers of a massive ignorant population guarantee astronomical profits to the billionaires who are determined to drag immigrants in.

To a level headed American, and immigrant is worth no more or no less than anyone else.

To the billionaire investor class, a massive uneducated population is a gold mine in terms of profit. What are immigrants worth? They are worth countless dollars to the upper class who are determined to draw them in.

As I am finishing this up, my wife Jean threw in the fact that billionaires could care less whether money comes to them through government by way of the immigrants or as part of the private sector. Benefits to the poor come out of the pockets of the middle class when government is involved. To the elite, it is all profit.

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