What do people Want?

I am at a lost to understand what exactly it is that people, especially Hillary supporters want out of government. What have they been getting that they have now lost? What is it that Donald Trump is going to take from them? Government can pass laws about specific things and then use force to be sure that laws are obeyed.That is really all government can do.

Through government policy, income and wealth can be funneled from one group to another.  What I would like to know, especially from the Hollywood sorts, is how are you now harmed? Is it an endless chain of kind words you are looking for? To get something from government, you have to go after something government has the means to accomplish.

I understand why the billionaire class is upset with a Trump victory. They can possibly suffer a huge monetary loss, if they can no longer use government as a branch of their corporations? Perhaps, Hollywood reasons that a mind numbed population that only seeks pleasure and never thinks is what keeps them in business. Perhaps any strengthening of the American character would cause them and all they do to be less appealing?

Anyone who is fearful of a conservative take over of government need not worry. There are no conservatives. There is not one conservative proposal on the table. Not one thing has been proposed to reduce the size of government. Like liberal dialog, all conservative action is in the nature of virtue signaling.


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