What Can Greece Do?

150129greekdebtGreece cannot pay its bills and given its current economic system cannot grow. As part of the European Union. Greeks will have to get used to being poor. The alternative is to leave the European Union, replace their government, disavow all debt from the old government and start over. This will not automatically work. The new government must guarantee a free market system. The new constitution would have to separate government from the economy. Economies fail most often because the rich take control over government and rig markets. Rigged markets are great for a few but allocate resources so inefficiently that the economy eventually collapses. In absence of preventive measures, any democracy will morph into a Fascist system. In a Fascist system small players start failing. Greece is the first in the European Union. After Greece fails the next weakest nation will follow and so on. This is the only possible outcome.

Any country can easily become an economic power simply by guaranteeing a perfect free market system. Contrary to popular belief, a free market is a poor man’s best friend and guarantees a population with very few people. That is all it takes. As of now the world has no free market systems.

Which countries are most likely to turn to free market systems? The answer is none. Why? The mass of cannon fodder of which the world is inhabited are simply too stupid.00_logo_1

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