We Are All Liberals Now

Left wing socialists and right wing socialists work day and to get what they want out of government which comes down to living off the efforts of others. Conservative is only a noise right wing socialists make. Profess constantly to be a small government conservative while protecting the benefits you receive from government and trying to get more. That is what passes for conservative today.

Notice that there are no free market medicine bills being proposed. Conservatives are not asking for free market medicine? That is not a paradox at all. People are what they do. What they say makes no difference at all. There is no interest in free market medicine. There is no interest in free markets in any other capacity.

The Full Employment Act of 1978 mandates central economic planning by Congress, the Executive Branch and the Federal Reserve. Ask a conservative, do you believe in central economic planning? The conservative will say something like. Heck no, what do you think I am a liberal? No one in congress wants to repeal this act. Constituents have no interest in getting it repealed. There are no conservatives. Is anyone interested in repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1914. There is no interest there either.

There are differences between right and left wing socialists.

Left wing socialists beg. Begging used to work. Now begging is not that productive.

Right wing socialists use belligerence.  From war for profit to using the Federal Reserve to steal the interest on Granny’s savings to give it to Goldman Sachs, it is belligerence.

Democrats have largely given up on begging. It gets them nowhere. Most Democrats still claim to be liberals but are are now right wing socialists and have adopted belligerence as the tool of choice.

Do not expect Donald Trump or any president to reduce the size of government. Power is acquired and maintained by spending. There are no conservatives so don’t expect smaller government.





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