Watch the Animals

What is it with all the confusion? You might ask. Americans in great numbers are saying, we don’t want democracy! Give us a totalitarian state! Laws are only guide lines and not meant to be universally enforced. There is an anti Trump movement, but the movement is not offering anything.

To understand this perfectly, just acknowledge that human beings are animals. Like all animals, they behave differently in groups than as individuals.  With all animals, the strong take control of the herd, pack, or flock. They offer benefits to all animals who submit and carry out their agendas.

When functioning as individuals the brain and intellect operate as if each person is unique. As soon as a group forms, the animals start taking on group values and behave in ways the leadership appreciates. The Stockholm Syndrome is part of this process. Individuals submit and begin serving those who have dominated them.  In group behavior the major part of the brain is decommissioned and the reptilian brain takes over.  Notice that in a political campaign, all intellect ceases during the last three months prior to voting. All efforts turn toward getting others to act without thinking.  Human beings worship their leaders. They profess otherwise, but just watch them.

Never Trumpers are not thinking. Notice, they have no agenda other than running trump off. They are offering no alternative. The candidate they supported was not a progressive and barely different than Trump in all respects other than immigration. Trump is a corporatist as is Hillary Clinton. To a politician, corporatism is where the benefits are, so corporatism is where they are.  What the never Trumpers are going through has nothing to do with right or wrong. Their  side has validated them as special people deserving of special treatment and they cannot cope with being like everyone else. The left, progressives, democrats, republicans are whatever have done nothing for them and never will. Never Trumpers have submitted to a side that elevates and manages their self esteem.  To regain their lost self esteem, they will opt for a totalitarian state before they will accept what has happened.

How will this end? It depends on the nature of the suffering that follows. Suffering does bring on thinking by the brain itself.  Chances are we have seen the last of our days as a free people. To begin with freedom is never anything the masses seek. If the majority are free it is because freedom has been imposed on them. During the American Revolution, a small number of elites imposed freedom on all of the people in the colonies.

What is important now is to understand, if people appear as if they are not thinking, it is because they are indeed not thinking. They are functioning as animals in a group, like a heard. Their thinking is being done for them. They are used to it being that way and are offended that their circumstances have been disturbed.

What is the best way to train a human? Train humans the same way you train dogs. Offer them a treat and say the human version of “nice dog.”  Give them a pat on the head. That is all there is to getting human beings to serve their government.

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