Voting and Worshipping

asc1662As I always say, most things can be explained in a sentence or two.  In a democracy, citizens have two options with respect to candidates and office holders. Voters can either worship candidates or they can treat them as delegates.

So far in our history citizens have opted to worship candidates 100% of the time. As worshippers of candidates, citizens serve politicians. Since the American Revolution, citizens have been serving government. If citizens, treated candidates as delegates, the politicians would be serving citizens.

There is a reason why worshipping candidates is bad for the country. While voters picture favorite candidates going to bat for them in terms of getting them what they want from government, the candidate is running out of self interest. Voters expect to be served by candidates and why shouldn’t they? American’s have super high self esteem. They naturally expect others, politician, to treat them in line with how they view themselves. As the political process goes on, voters are made to feel special and their self esteem is constantly reinforced.

Of course this is all self deception. Citizens always end up worshipping candidates, lawmakers and presidents. But, the choice is always there.

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