Understanding Medicare Supplements

medicare-supplement-insurance-fotolia_32078253What is a patients true cost with a Medicare supplement?

Lets say your plan has a $100 per month premium. Is $1200 per year your true cost? Of course not. The least you pay is $1200 + copays for specialists+denied claims+the cost of value time.  The insurance companies manage their bottom line by denying more claims when revenue slacks off.

This is very expensive for patients. Prices paid for medical care are many times higher than would be the case in the absence bureaucratic parasites that extract huge amounts of the healthcare dollar.

What can a person do? Is that just they way it is? It will do no good to talk to your representatives in congress. Most of them owe their position to the health insurance industry by virtue of their huge campaign contributions.

There is a way you can help. Every time a claim is denied, complain to the State Board of Insurance. It costs nothing.

Each state has an agency in place to keep insurance companies honest. Some are better than others. The Texas State Board of Insurance is actually pretty effective.  Nothing will happen over night, but a lot of times the only way to get a law changed are taken off the books is to make it more trouble than it is worth for the parties who reap the benefits.


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