Understanding Donald Trump

x299353078_donald-trump-pres-blogIt seems Donald Trump is drawing maximum heat from both Republicans and Democrats. Trump is also drawing maximum attention. Attention is what all of the others need but have no way to get. Trump may also be the first non apologizer. Demands for an apology are coming like machine gun fire. What will happen if Trump never apologizes? The problem his detractors have is that if Trump does apologize, he is apologizing for telling the truth. The truth is not used in politics so people are confused and disoriented when it makes an appearance.

Don’t misunderstand. Trump is not honest. He has just found a unique set of circumstances where the truth might actually have utility. He has nothing to lose by being straight forward. I see Trump’s discourse as distinguishing him from all of the other candidates. That is a long shot approach but he would have no chance at all as just one member of the mob of sixteen. The other candidates all bury one another with mush.

Do not expect truthfulness out of Donald Trump for the duration of the campaign. It is hard to win an argument with Trump when he is wrong. Telling the truth in the early days of the campaign gives him a distinct advantage. He will be perceived as a straight shooter all the way to the end. All he has to do is not apologize and his early truthful discourse will fade away. The straight shooter image will stick.

Trump may be the best in the world at diminishing others who attack him. I am not sure who will take the risk more than once. Give Trump a black eye. Just expect two black eyes in return.

Would a contest between Hilary Clinton and Donald trump be interesting? The world’s best liar would be squared off against the world’s greatest put down artist.

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