U.S. Government, You And The Virus

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What is the primary worry of the elite in and outside of formal government and government agencies?  Their greatest fear is that it will be discovered that we do not need them. Do Americans and citizens of other countries benefit from all governments pulling out all stops in efforts to “protect” everyone from the Corona Virus?  Perhaps they do during the first month or so of government actions.

Based on treating the current time frame as a still picture it appears that everything being done is completely proper and necessary. However, over time such aggressive collective action turns into high costs and will cause more deaths than would be the case, if governments did absolutely nothing. Both economics and politics are moving pictures.

When every economy in the world collapses and democratic principles are replaced with authoritative action how many people will die from starvation around the globe? Will medicine continue to be available? How many will resort to crime and violence when there is no way to generate incomes?

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Both economics and politics are in fact moving pictures. In time, the costs of government acti0n will  create insurmountable hardships for all populations. It will take some time but more people will die as a result of collective action than if nothing was done at all.

So, why the overwhelming government activity? Government initiatives are driven by self interest just as are those in the private sector. In order to justify their existence, governments and all who prosper from controlling governments, must present themselves as entirely necessary. The roles of protecting all citizens from all risks becomes imperative. These roles must continue to expand. Otherwise it will be discovered that none of the multitudes protective government actions are beneficial at all.

What would be a better plan? What would happen if various governments instead simply advised local entities that a virus is coming and gave a heads heads to the population? Would there be as many deaths from the virus? Personally, I doubt it. Certainly, deaths from governments making these massive efforts will surpass any short term advantages. Personal freedoms will certainly be reduced and probably not be regained.

Times in the United States will become more than just a little trying. Folks will be surprised at the magnitude of their difficulties.

On a personal level, family both at home and on their own are taking mega doses of Vitamin C. There are a handful of physicians who use Vitamin C therapy. They are deemed to be kooks by the established medical community. However, I have never known of a single person who has followed the protocol of Vitamin C Doctors who recommend Vitamin C therapy, who has failed to benefit.

The following video completely explains how and why Vitamin C therapy works. If you watch it, take the time to read the comments. How many crazy pe0ple watch YouTube videos? Quite a few you say? With so many folks citing amazing results from using Vitamin C and none given examples of failures, certainly they are not all kooks.

When Times Got Really Weird Video. Banned on YouTube.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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