Two Candidates I Support

Despite the fact that I absolutely loathe the Republican Party, I am actively supporting two Republican candidates in their primaries. When I say support, I mean that I make a financial contribution to their campaigns.
I am convinced that Chris Younts, of district 11 is honest. Also, I feel confident that Chris would have a hard time voting for a bill that the majority of his constituents opposed.
As far as I know, Ron Paul is the only true conservative who is currently serving in congress. The Republican establishment has done everything possible to dismiss Paul. Fox does everything possible to diminish him, because he actually is a conservative. Make no mistake. Fox News is a statist news organization. When the big government, group think mindset gets seriously threatened, Fox News is the first to circle the wagon.
There is great fear that Paul will eventually run as a 3rd party candidate. I think he has a good shot at the nomination but if he doesn’t get it, I hope he does run as an independent. There is nothing in the Republican Party as it is that is worth saving. Phony conservatives are far more dangerous than regular liberals.

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