Truth on Memorial Day

memorial-day1 The truth has no utility in politics because something that sounds better is always more appealing. Competing for elected positions requires appealing candidates. Candidates who tell the truth always lose.

It is an unpleasant fact, but although is is constantly stated that men and women in uniform have died so the we can be free, military initiatives never have worked that way. The typical war in which the U.S. engages actually creates more danger for American citizens and does nothing to keep anyone free.

World War II is usually mentioned as a necessary war that was unavoidable. There is a very real reason why fighting WW II was necessary. Without the United States having engaged in imperialist undertakings in preceding years, WW II would have been optional. The Spanish American war was fought because Spain was fraudulently held responsible for the sinking of the Battle Ship Main. Of course the Spanish did not sink any American ships. The charges were trumped up and untrue.

The U.S. had no natural right to own any of the Islands in the Pacific where the Japanese attacked Americans. The Philippines were acquired as part of Spain’s surrender agreement. In Hawaii, the U.S. just ousted the emperor and took possession. The U.S. had no option but to declare war, only because we were occupying lands that we had previously stolen.

I have stated countless times that the outcomes of national inititives are not determined by the end in mind. The means is what determines the outcome. This is one of those natural laws which almost no one acknowledges or believes. Any action that is immoral will generate a negative outcome. History provides no cases where this principle has not held true and been validated. The true way our government can keep us free is to be careful to do only moral things.

The outcomes of U.S. imperialist conquests resulted in all of the deaths of Americans during WWII. The imperialist actions were immoral and we lost in the end far more than we gained.

It is good for the self esteem to celebrate the goodness of the American troops who have died in Uniform. It makes it easier to get young people to join the military. Regardless, it is wrong to tell young people they are fighting for freedom when they are really fighting for the business interests of sociopaths who don’t give a damn if soldiers live or die.

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