Trump’s Good Poll Numbers

What do we know about polls? We know that modern polls are used to form public opinion, and are not actually designed to give accurate information. When there is an upcoming election, polling organizations report really good numbers for candidates they support early on. The plan is that the polls themselves will help move voters in the direction they favor.

Chances are that Donald Trumps new 50% approval rating is the lowest possible number that could be reported.

Trump is apposed by all groups and parties which benefit by perpetuating the status quo. That includes corporate America and really about everybody who is paid by the government. Entertainment is against Trump. Anyone who benefits from the world remaining exactly the way it is will go out of their way to prevent that situation from changing.

But, why are Trump’s numbers improving? The answer is that he is starting to appear stronger than his detractors. That could even be totally the result of the lack of leadership and ineptness of his critics and detractors. For whatever reason Trump is looking more powerful than others.

What do we know about herd behavior? Animals line up and follow behind the most powerful member of the aggregation. Thinking is not used in voting, This is why presidents who appease always lose support. Despite all of the fancy words and explanations, people are more inclined to support a president who conducts business exactly the way Trump does.

Please understand. I am not a Trump supporter. I don’t support  presidents. All presidents are dangerous. Any world leader is dangerous. Where do despots come from? They come from the pool of world leaders. Do we know which ones will turn into despots? No way, otherwise potential candidates would never make it to the office they hold.

We do know that all world leaders are sociopaths. The competition for their jobs is so great that only a sociopath has the personality characteristics to enable them to win at that high level.


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