Trump Today, Biden Tomorrow

Biden’s win is an example of winning on behalf of state run social media, and state run, isn’t entirely accurate. It has become a media that is now no longer “in bed with” the state, it’s actually positioned itself so that it can comfortably and merely tolerate, cooperation with the state. Trump leveraged social media last time to beat Hillary. This time social media turned against him to give the win to Biden. But make no mistake, the fact that social media can be used to leverage results in an election should scare the hell out of anyone. Let’s be real. Nobody is leveraging social media that social media isn’t allowing to leverage.

Consider the censorship that took place. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dissenting voices were both silenced and eliminated in these few months before the election. What is the truth? It is whatever social media says is the truth. Is it coincidence that many of the voices censored were censored both in relationship to the Covid virus and the election?

The state’s relationship to social media is like the kings of two nations arranging the marriage of their children for mutual benefit. Both agree to work together for mutual goals, have relative peace, while turning a blind eye to known flaws and corruptions. One’s corruption benefits the other as long as the other looks the other way. Play along, participate in the game and everything is fine. Stop playing or break the rules and we’ll see who really holds the cards.

Sorry Trump. You didn’t play according to the rules set by social media. Let it be a warning to Biden, because the state doesn’t hold the cards it thinks it does. It’s Trump today and with one wrong move, Biden tomorrow. Reader be warned to tow the line as well. If social media can do that to a world leader, imagine what they can do to you. Imagine what they are doing to you.

Social media being in bed with the state is like the thieves being put in charge of the gulags in Soviet Russia.  They will be allowed to freely reign trouble free over the populous as long as they promote the ideals the state wants promoted. Should social media start to be a problem for the state, pushing limits, attracting public outcry, there will be a falling out, a broken treaty as the state works to limit, counter, control and even shut down social media. However when that happens, the state will have grossly underestimated its ability to control the power of the entity to which they married themselves. They will have discovered that it is not the state who holds the whip, but social media. Yes, the state has the military power, but that’s nothing social media has over the population’s minds. The military has borders, social media doesn’t.

What this demonstrates is that an alignment of state and media can be leveraged to destroy anything that comes against it through careful manipulation of both laws and communication. Biden’s win was facilitated by social media creating and manipulating perceptions in the minds of the public. But get this, when social media has the whip, who needs laws? They can get whatever laws they want. It’s Senator Palpatine as the Sith Lord replying to his whining goon, “I will make it legal!”

This should tell the reader something about Trump’s rage over this. He knows social media is against him. Up against a wall, even as president of the United States, with all the resources available to him hasn’t been able to out maneuver his opponent. His opponent wasn’t Biden. It was social media. Crack the whip. Comply or die.

The irony is that if the state, through Biden is aligned with social media, it’s only a matter of time before social media turns on him too. Right now it’s to social media’s benefit to side with the state, and siding with the state, they will receive special favors that will allow them to continue building their mind manipulating, attention gathering, advertisement selling empire.

Meanwhile it is you, the careful reader who pays for all this, either through taxes to the state, or through your information sold through the social media platforms. You are the one being mined as one of the few natural renewable resources left on the planet from which to extract wealth. Trees are gone. Fish are gone. What’s left? You.

Regarding the state and social media’s relation to the public, who is the whip and who is the whipper? Right now it appears to be an interplay of both in an arranged marriage and it’s the people who are being played. Nobody’s getting lashes the back yet. But it won’t be too long before we see that it is social media who actually holds the cards in this game. They have the ace and it’s Trump today, Biden (or actually Harris, because everyone knows that Biden is a temporary placeholder to be removed once his job is done) tomorrow.


Steve Quillian


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11 months ago

But Biden did not win. The election was stolen by proven fraud. The mass media and social
media did not attract enough support for Biden or sufficiently reduce popular support for Trump.