There Are No Good Presidents

There is no such thing as a good president. There are no good kings, prime ministers or dictators. They are all bad. National leaders pursue their own interests and on rare occasions the general population benefits. For every leader who accomplishes a modicum of good, there are thousands who only exploit. This is all portrayed in the Old Testament, especially in the Books or Kings and Samuel. How is this possible in a world full of democracies? It is simple. When people have the means, they refuse to govern themselves. It has happened throughout history and it is happening now. In a world which is governed by the laws of dominance and subservience, the majority are born with a predisposition to serve a master. Democracy has turned into a system where voters try to chose the best master and reject the task of deciding issues themselves. Those in power are happy to exploit the need to serve and the general population makes great sacrifices to further the ambitions of their leaders.
In the Old Testament, kings caused famines and sent multitudes off do die in wars. All but a few had the love and admiration of their citizens. The greatest and most highly thought of kings committed crimes for which regular people would be put to death. Nothing has changed.

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