The Way Governments Are Born

Any time an aggregation of people find themselves in the same place at the same time, a hierarchy forms. It even happens in kindergarten. The game of dominance and subservience begins and continues. In time the weak end up serving the strong in return for security and other benefits. Mostly this all occurs peacefully. Offers to serve are made and leaders ask to be followed.

All governments are of this nature. Some become complex like the United States. All of it is based on the manifestation of self interest. Again, the incentive to serve is purely imaginary.

Big problems occur when citizens imagine that government can and will do things that it has no capacity to do. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks there is never anything going on outside of dominating and serving. Serving out of self interest is different than being born with a determination to make people’s lives better. No matter how complex the system is all that is ever going on is interaction of people resolving the issue of dominance and subservience.

Government has no way to successfully manage people’s lives and make guarantees of outcomes. Dominance and subservience are all there is. Notice that government seems to be failing at all of the tasks it is charged with performing. That is because there has never been a way for government to successfully do those things in the first place. Now, there are huge profits to be made by engaging in the effort. There is no net benefit.

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