The Way Government Works

Government in the U.S. explained according to the Pollyanna middle school model, is a democracy. Government for the people, by the people is how our system of government was defined.
The belief system of every American rests on a pile of euphemisms so as to make existence palatable. On an intellectual level people profess all of the attributes that make them wonderful and in control. On a deeper instinctive level people ascribe supernatural powers to government.
Government is seen as having the means to create jobs and cause economic growth. It can’t, but people are haplessly prone to expect it to.
Government does what government has done for over 50,000 years. It uses ordinary people as tools for helping leaders accomplish their own personal goals. Since Americans feel euphemistically special within themselves and worship leaders instead of guide them, that task is easy.
This mentality goes a long way towards creating the crisis period the United States is now entering. Government initiatives such as deficit spending and QE’s, fail at their intended objective of causing growth while automatically allocating resources in the least efficient way. This guarantees an eventual depression.
Popular expectations may be that with crisis people will wake up and do things right. Don’t anticipate that happening. When threatened, animals move to the center of the herd for protection. Human beings define themselves as being autonomous and independent. They profess courage and repeat patriotic mantras but it is all noise. When the crisis intensifies, citizens will demand more government, and not less. They will be overwhelmed by their herd instinct and try to barter freedom for comfort. Of course Americans deny being herd animals, but they are. Expect herd behavior and you will never be wrong.


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