The Video Game of War

Only individual citizens banding together can keep a country from going to war. Sometimes that happens but only when there is a personal cost attached to war. When a country can keep its citizens comfortable and occupied, a world leader can do just about anything he pleases. The happiest world leader is the one with the most docile citizens. The world leaders the United States contributes to the national stage are number one in happiness. Let the folks suffer a little and all of that changes. Worse still for the leaders is when citizens start to grasp the cause of their suffering.

As it is, the United States has opted for an all voluntary military which is a kind word for mercenary. The troops can be used to fight wars to further the business goals of American corporations. There is no point in the average Joe thinking about that or even throwing up an objection. There is plenty of virtue signaling with words and actions about supporting the troops, yea for the heroes and all of that.  To an American citizen, war is like a video game. The United States always wins.

In the meantime, all of the countries in the world are planning contingencies for war with the United States. Even NATO allies may not be willing to lend support to support American political agendas. Some may even switch sides. China and Russia, not necessarily working together certainly each have a plan for attacking the United States. What do we know about these plans? Who is to say? Regardless, we don’t know as much as we think we do and we might be completely in the dark.

Any knowledge we have comes from our intelligence agencies which currently give the impression of being self serving and lazy. Free markets have disappeared across the globe. Economics by force has replace the free market system. Remove the only economic system that makes peace possible and what do you wind up with?

For for decades United States economic policy has been fleecing ordinary citizens. By using government as a tool corporations have finally destroyed their main market. A serious reckoning is starting and face saving strategies are being implementing. A timely war is always a great way to divert attention away from a critical issue.

A major war gets everyone off the hook.


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