The Source of Anxiety Over Trump Winning

Do not attribute the anxiety of the rich, celebrities or minorities to patriotism. With Trump as president, the rich have a good chance of being taken off welfare. Corporate profit margins are elevated because of Federal Reserve policy. The stock market is high because of government initiatives that move it up and keep it high.

Celebrities know nothing of politics and economics. The more the minds of the population are in the gutter, the more popular these folks are. Celebrities are worshipees.  Their fear is that with Trump’s iconoclastic style, they will no longer be worshiped. There are huge advantages to those who are successful in getting others to worship them.

Minorities are in a tough spot. Their perception is that government under Democrats is interested in helping them. Of course the poor get nothing on balance from government. Individual members of various minorities can be marched in front of cameras as beneficiaries of various government initiatives.  Benefits are kept highly visible while costs are hidden. On balance the poor take a beating from government. Immigrants naturally favor candidates who refuse to enforce the immigration laws that are currently on the books.

There are no selfless people. Self interest is the only relevant incentive people have in dealing with government. Mainstream economists work on the basis that there is also an incentive to serve. Perhaps there is for people who are heavily influenced by the spiritual world. The secular world is all about being animals and surviving in a hostile universe. Fantasy Free Economics allows no one to wear a halo. The president is just one of the animals, trying milk the office for personal benefit. Members of congress, the senate, supreme court and federal reserve are also animals milking their offices for personal benefits.

In politics, do not believe that there are good people trying to do good things for you. It is comforting to think that this is the case but it is not true. Politics is all about personal gain. All people are the same in that regard. Government is approached out of self interest and there are no exceptions. There are confused people who believe otherwise but there are no exceptions.

The rich are terrified of Trump because they are fearful of losing the advantages government provides them Those advantages are enormous and they won’t be relinquished freely.

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