The Reality Gap

In our world of notions there are many reality gaps. What is a reality gap? Lets just say it is the difference between the way things are assumed to be and the way things really are.

You may have noticed that governments around the world are undergoing considerable stress. Both governments and citizens are not getting the results they expect.

Government is assumed to do all kinds exotic things. Are you looking for fairness? “Well, great. Lets have government make things fair?” Are all of your needs being satisfied? No? Well. government can fix that.” Well, there is no case in history where a government has done these kinds of things. Government never will do these things. These kinds of notions keep those who adhere to erroneous notions occupied with political busy work. Are the illusive benefits out there? They never have been. This is half of the biggest human reality gap of the current societal arena.

What does government do? Humans have a strong instinct to live off the efforts of others. Government ends up facilitating that instinct. Personality characteristics are distributed among the earth’s inhabitants in a way that is like a bell curve.  Some are naturally adept at living off the efforts of others. It might be said, “I sure would like this that or the other….Before I expend the effort to bring that about…….First, I will see if I can get others to provide it…”  Government is the place to go to get what you want and have others pay for it. Government is a clearing house for all who approach out of self interest, in attempts to get what they want. This is the way government functions. Goodwill is assumed for the comfort the notion of goodwill provides various participants. There is no goodwill. Goodwill exists only where folks are free to do as they please.

All try but only the most adept manipulators are successful at this. Government becomes their resource and they make good use of it.

Carrying on the notion that governments do anything else puts the average person in an unenviable position. Expect fairness and the administration of justice and what do you get? You get what always is. The result is highly skilled manipulators taking from everyone else while convincing them they are acting in the public good.

Although there are many, the reality gap between what government does and what people expect is highly destructive in today’s time frame.


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