The Pull Of Serving Masters And Tribal Living

I frequently write about leaders, and regular people as well, acting in line with instinctive behavior patterns. Do not think that this is an attempt at comedy. Where politics and economics are concerned the majority decisions made are made in keeping with instinctive biases. With this simple observation, I am at a terrific advantage in predicting outcomes in the political and economic arenas. Understand that people, as a norm, make the most important decisions of their lives because they are controlled by instinct. Also understand that in economics and political science people are assumed to be autonomous and acting according to thoughtful intellect.
Understand that instinct and not reason determine what people do a majority of the time and suddenly all of the crazy things going on in the world today will start to make sense. Today public officials as well as candidates for office are seen daily offering to have government do for you things that government cannot do. The most frequent of these offers is that of having the government create jobs. The public never doubts that the government can create jobs, and of course they cannot.
The lets have government create jobs conversation is never going to stop because all but an insignificant percent of the population is blinded to the fact that instinct plays a part in their behavior. You can always expect to people to view humanity in a positive light, see themselves as independent actors and look to government to solve their problems. This is hard wired instinctive behavior.
This is all changing but the changes are coming over hundreds and thousands of years. One of the newest developments in societal evolution is the movement toward liberty and freedom of choice. Since a little earlier than the American Revolution, these new concepts have resulted in huge advance in the quality of lives. Unfortunately we are all genetically pulled backward toward tribal living and serving masters.

Student Loan Moan
I can’t stand it. I mean when college students can’t get jobs because their degrees have no market value.

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