The Propensity to Worship

Some ask if God exists? Some are convinced that God doesn’t exist. Others believe in God without question. With a minuscule number of exceptions humans worship government and the people in it. An atheist who doesn’t worship God, constantly worships, government politicians and role models.

Folks who profess belief do so as an academic posture. They get their essence from the world they live in. Believers worship government and the same kinds of people as do atheists.

Who gets credit, good or bad, for what goes on in the economy? Why, it is whoever is president at the time. Does the president cause the economy to grow? Of course not. Still, citizens act on the basis that what the president does is the primary cause of good or bad in their lives. All economic growth is organic. If a president does something considered good for the economy and it does in fact grow, it would have grown more if the president would have  done nothing at all. This kind of behavior is generated out of mankind’s enormous propensity to worship. I use the word behavior instead of reasoning. Why? Reasoning is done with the larger part of the brain. How hard is it to convince someone on the intellectual level that presidents can’t improve the economy? It is a piece of cake. It only takes a few minutes.

The propensity to worship lives in a deeper part of the brain where actions are predetermined. Sometimes it is called the reptilian brain. Why do people say one thing and do another? They act without thinking. The reptilian brain only guides you. There is no thinking.

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