The New Messiah

Hollywood lost its messiah as have minorities and a few others. Although the elite, Wall Street, international banks and the others supported Clinton they have lost nothing.With Clinton they already had their cake and were about to eat it. Now they have gotten together with Trump and have made a new Cake.

The baton  has been passed. Quantitative easing and Federal Reserve stimulus will fade. The Trump team will replace it with corporate tax cuts followed by unprecedented federal spending. The theft will continue most likely until the entire country has been destroyed.

Did I say new messiah? Yes I did. That is because Americans did not vote for a conservative. They did not vote in a way that indicates they are taking control of the country. They elected a new leader to worship. What happens when Americans worship a leader? They end up paying tribute to the leaders friends. Trump’s initial doings look impressive and I cannot disagree that they need to be done. None of these things will have an effect on people’s economic lives.

Economic lives of American are dismal because citizens first and leaders second have rejected free market principles.

Is Trump going to do anything to loosen the grip the claws of fascism have on the country? If any such plans were in the offing, the stock market would not be hitting new highs. Every point the stock averages move higher the more it costs the average American. The costs are stealth in nature so that only a few know how they are being fleeced. Even private investors who own stock, as prices move into the stratosphere. may not come out all that well. There simply are no investments that generate a reasonable income without undergoing enormous risk.

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