The Game of Dominance and Subservience

Would it not be nice to have a board game called Dominance and Subservience? Perhaps if enough people played the game, it would come to light that life exists in a system of dominance and subservience.

It is the job of each species to dominate and make use of as many other species as possible. Dominate all of the other species and have them serve mankind. They don’t all get a bad deal. Dogs volunteer to be dominated and get a decent deal in return. Dogs end up trading freedom for comfort and are content when able to do so.

Human being are the dominant species living in the world today. Humans not only dominate all other worldly species, they also dominate and make servants of each other. Dominance and subservience are such an important part of life, the process is sometimes hard to notice. Subservience is almost always voluntary as with dogs.

Early in life, humans gain some knowledge of what they are capable of and who and how many people they can influence. Decisions are made to serve in exchange for comfort, mostly when individuals have concluded in their own minds that it is their best option for survival. None of this is spoken.

Some are more successful at the game of Dominance and Subservience than others.  What becomes of the most successful players of the game? These folks become presidents, congressmen and CEOs of huge corporations. The very most successful are private citizens who control enough wealth to dictate policy to government. World leaders are among the very best at dominance and subservience. Power and money are the rewards.

Where is the game of dominance and subservience played? It is played everywhere but the greatest contests go on in and around government. Democracy turns out to be a predator’s playground. Government’s primary activity turns out to be that of those with enough power getting what they want through government and having others pay for it.

Ordinary citizens fall in the trap of believing elected officials are motivated by ideology and are trying to improve the country. Governments have never operated that way.


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James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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