The Famous Hillary Clinton Cough

bSo what is up with Hillary Clinton’s health.  This is the kind of cough that comes from using crack cocaine. Human nature does not allow the great unwashed to entertain such things.  Thinking without the handicap of fantasies and euphemisms is a way of reasoning without the restrictions human nature imposes on the mind.

The Clintons have a long history of using illegal drugs especially cocaine. Very little is ever said about the issue, because it is also human nature to impose no behavioral standards at all on leaders. Leaders are above the law and ordinary citizens are fine with having it that way.

In political campaigns we deal in the present moment. Some will say things like, “You can’t say that, you have no proof.” In the present moment with respect to who is doing what, and why, no facts or available. Those who think have to rely on probabilities and possibilities.

My best estimate is that Hillary Clinton is smoking crack and that is the reason she coughs. Medical reasons for coughing carry no particular negative stigma. The cough has to be caused by something she doesn’t want people to know.

Smoking crack is not something that would bother her hard core supporters. The elite could care less what she does so long as she carries their water and lets them the use government to rig markets and extract dollars out of the overall population.

Independent voters might prefer that she not be a drug act. And that could be enough to cost her the election.


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