The Cryptocracy is no Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories are rare. The label conspiracy is normally used to dismiss good ideas and unique observations. What is deemed a conspiracy is usually a consortium of unaffiliated actors who share similar incentives. There is no formal organization.

In the fantasy world voters live in, all that is accomplished through government goes through congress via representation or through some other legitimate government agency. In the real world where government actually operates, everything that is gained through government occurs by working outside the formal system. Activities within the halls of congress are only a formality.

Real world phenomena is what I explain. The United States government, in terms of how it operates is just like a crime family. Voters imagine that their needs are important to representatives but voters are only useful idiots. Getting you on board as a supporter is important but what you want, need or get is of no consequence at all. Getting something from government is usually accomplished by paying a large sum of money or by force or political power.

The trouble Donald Trump is experiencing is similar to what anyone would experience as a result of tampering with the operation of a crime family in the private sector.

Government is for taking, not for giving. If you are a private citizen of ordinary means, you are a giver and others with more power take what you have. You may believe you have a chance of getting something, but I guarantee that you don’t.

The destroy Trump efforts are not to help you. They are to remove him as a threat to the folks who actually do get what they want from government. Notice that no one is trying to educate you. The task is to get you to take action without thinking. That is the purpose of predatory news.

There is no conspiracy. There is no need for one. There is a cryptocracy however. This is not an organization where dues are paid and identification cards issued. It is ordinary billionaires who use government as a tool for profit. Basically the news media works for and is paid by the informal cryptocracy. The cryptic part of all of this comes because you can’t fathom that your government works this way. It does and that is why life for ordinary people becomes worse with each passing day. All through school, children are given the impression that democracy is a gentle process where everyone ends up holding hands celebrating a group decision. In the real world where we all live and suffer, it works in an exactly opposite way.

The democratic process is completely brutal.

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