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hatersxI would never be so silly as to suggest giving up technology. I will remind folks that herd behavior is the path of least resistance. The tech revolution has made it possible to herd more people in much shorter periods of time. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others have learned how to profit by exploiting the human herding instinct. Being perceived as cool can be expensive. Sometimes it comes down to that or living outside the herd.

Notice that this is a Facebook free site. Independent web sites like this one are almost extinct. That is not by accident. Google’s business model calls for getting small operators jumping through hoops trying to get good search engine placement and squelching them at the same time. There are no true search engines left. There is no way to find independent web sites unless they are filtered through some marketing service first. If this is what people want, they have it.

A growing number are not so easily herded. Herd behavior can in fact be over ridden.  I think this is a pretty good article from the Washington Post.

 Techno-skeptics’ objection growing louder

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