Syria, The Real Risk

Here is the deal on war with Syria. Multitudes of Americans never question the honesty of their elected leaders.
This is a crisis? The plan is to spank Syria. Suppose for one reason or another a missile or air attack was not possible. Would the U.S. Then send in ground troops? After all, a violation of international law has occurred.
What is our commitment? Are we not bound to enforce international law regardless of the risks?
Or, do we only intervene when all we have to do is drop bombs an shoot missiles?

This actually is not a crisis but a contrived situation and a story the American people are expected to swallow. The biggest dangers regular Americans face are the consequences of government acting over their objections.

The president, Senator McCain and others express concern over the consequences of not striking. The fear is that Assad will otherwise feel emboldened and commit additional acts.

American citizens have a rational fear that if government acts against the citizens authority government will emboldened to usurp citizen’s authority with even fewer reservations.

Some of us are quite concerned that people just don’t mind.

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