Suicide of the Progressive Movement

Donald Trump did nothing to destroy the progressive movement. It was more like a suicide. For eight years, progressives have supported economics by force, via the military. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton embraced Wall Street, the elite and the entire fascist movement. The rank and file of the progressive movement have focused on using government to insure they never hear anything but kind words. Certain groups were deemed special people but really got nothing out of the Democratic party except kind words of course. The biggest fear seems to be that of losing their status as special people. For all that is said about discrimination, it is actually fairly rare. For all of the anger against white males and others, there really is no means  to discrimination within this group. It is not in my nature but for the life of me, I can’t think of a way I could discriminate against anyone if I wanted to.  What is lacking is leverage and really an incentive to discriminate.

Various people have certain types of other people they don’t like. There just isn’t any way to make everyone be nice to everyone else, at least not by using government.

Over the last eight years, progressives have delivered absolutely nothing to their supporters. Instead, they sold the country down the river by going along with fascist initiatives.

The nerve of these people, amazes me. After all of the non-progressive things they have sponsored and participated in, they expect people to believe what they have to say about Donald Trump.

Progressives have now joined conservatives in that they are part of the ghost of a movement that used to have some value. Hollywood, athletes and other celebrities are making complete fools out of themselves with their comments and demonstrations with regard to Trump.

What fools these people are. The country didn’t vote for Trump. The country voted against continuing to be suckers for the same people who have been robbing them blind for eight years.* Discrediting Trump will not help their situation. If progressives want to be appreciated again, they must find an element of character to display.

If you are a progressive and you are upset at Trump, I am telling you, you are the problem, not him. He got rid of you and that is all his supporters wanted.

*The fascist movement that has taken over the country began with Ronald Reagan’s embracement of the Full Employment Act of 1978. It decelerated greatly under George W. Bush and continued through the Obama administration.

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