Suffering Needs To Intensify

Suffering is the only known remedy for consequences brought on as a result of stupidity. When I talk with today’s professed conservatives I find their minds are stuffed to capacity with conservative sound bites that their minds have recorded like tape recorders. These sound bites are then re-repeated as if they are reflections of the speaker’s original thoughts. There is never any depth of knowledge behind any rhetoric these minds repeat back. If it isn’t a sound bite you aren’t going to hear it from them. Suffering has the potential to punish people until they start thinking out of desperation.
There have always been anti-capitalists and lots of them show up at the Occupy Wall Street protests. That is to be expected. What is absurd is that almost all professed conservatives are wildly supportive of corrupt capitalism. Well, corrupt capitalism is not capitalism at all. Advocates of corrupt capitalism are criticizing anti capitalists. Now, does that make any sense?
Our founding fathers guarded against many potential problems inherent in democracy. They had no idea how easy it would become to manage public opinion. Today, we have several belligerent mindsets successfully bending public opinion to their benefit. These belligerents are the source of the sound bites that fill the minds of today’s professed conservatives.
We need conservative who actually think. We need genuine conservatives, the kind who can tell the difference between capitalism and corrupt capitalism.
So far, in this depression, suffering has not been severe enough to cause professed conservatives to think hard enough to reach the depth of their minds that exists below recorded sound bites.

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