Stop Loss Order = Stop Profit Order

To make a profit trading, one must remain exposed to risk. I make no secret of the fact that I have losses as the result of being short. I do have one advantage over others who trade. I have a chance to make a profit. Usually I end up profitable as weeks and months roll by.

Robots do no seek out your stops on a personal basis. They do have ways of finding out where stops are placed by exploiting the general technical analysis dogma that determines where stops are likely to be placed. Tripping stops is the most commonly used tool in the arsenal of robots.

Standard technical analysis dogma does not work unless prices are determined by supply and demand. Today, on a short to intermediate term basis asset prices are highly in influenced by manipulation, or the practice of determining the desired direction and finding ways to make that happen.
But, price manipulation is illegal, you say? It is illegal for you to manipulate prices, but robots are not expected to obey the law. There are exceptions. Those are cases where regulators might look corrupt or stupid for failing to respond.

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