Stock Market, Cypress and The Future

It was an interesting day in the stock market today. Jean and I for sometime have basing our investments on our belief that the world financial markets face eminent destruction. Most folks who are expecting pensions will never get them. Those who are riding high in the stock market these days have the realistic potential of losing most of their money all in one day. On the surface, the U.S. Markets did not react much to the emerging problems in Europe. Large investors are hedging up so that they don’t take immediate losses. By their nature, hedges are only temporary. The time is coming. The time is coming and it is wise to be prepared. Much of the strength in the stock market is the result of affirmative enhancement efforts on the part of the Federal Reserve and with the total encourage of the rest of government. Artificial stimulation of the financial markets destroys them eventually just like continued use of steroids eventually destroys athletes. The time is coming and I cannot overstate the importance of being prepared for hard times because they are coming.
Expected Seasonal Pattern Compared To Actual Trading

Historical Statistics

Historical Statistics

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