Stock Market Whats Up Now And What To Expect Next 2021

Stock Market Whats Up Now And What To Expect Next 2021 PDF Version

Here are some facts.

It is common knowledge that the Federal Reserve helps elevate stock prices. What is not acknowledged is that the overall market is managed and manicured higher split second by split second. How do I know? It is simple. I am paying attention and I am willing to look at the evidence. Do that and the massive manipulation boils down to being self Evident.

The wealthiest 100 or so inhabitants of our universe have more power collectively than all of the countries in the world combined.  Is there any reason why they wouldn’t rig the financial markets? Do they have an incentive to do such a thing? If you don’t think they do, then you need to do some more thinking.

How do we know what anyone or group is doing? We identify the incentive or incentives they have. Then we try to identify counter incentives that would be preventing from from doing what is in their best interests. So, if there is nothing to stop them it makes sense that there is a consortium, like I mentioned, managing and manicuring stock prices second by split second. There is no way in a natural market would generate the same basic chart pattern each and every trading session all days except when the averages are crashing.

While this is going on, the economy is being destroyed. Who cares? Certainly no public sector employee. Certainly not the worlds richest citizens. Certainly not Americans parked in IRAs. Certainly not the world’s richest citizens.

Really no one who has a source of income independent of economic weakness is complaining. All who are suffering now are closer to the bottom of the food chain. It is not so much that economic damage cannot be recognized. No one with any degree of political power has any reason to worry at the present moment.

With affirmative stock market action as it is, these are the possibilities.

There is a shock to the system. The ALGOs are ineffective when volume increases significantly. They are struggling with this now. Months ago, volume on minute by minute charts looked like a perfect parabola. Nowadays, there are volume surges all though the day..  The ALGOs are still effective but they are struggling.

Without a shock to the system, the averages most likely will mush down and just start to slowly decline. After a while the market will crash. This could take awhile.

Personally, I can’t find a way to trade in this market so I am still in cash.

What about the new found retail traders? If there are now real retail investors doing GameStop and other such things they are new arrivals. The ‘”retail traders” for sure in the beginning were not real. The initial retail surge was clearly the ALGOs. Certainly some ordinary retail investors have jumped in. I am a retail trader. What else could I possibly be? I did not jump on the bandwagon. Have you jumped on the bandwagon?

Anyone who has dealt with retail traders knows their mentality. Believe it or not most of them are actually pretty smart. Those who buy and hold do about as well as professionals. The mentality of a whole population of a group doesn’t changes its decades old normal way of thinking at the blink of an eye.

Demand for stocks was waning. So, the ALGOs run up a few stocks. It is announced that it was retail customers. The retail traders started jumping in after they were shown a track to run on.. The whole thing was contrived at least in the beginning.

Stocks are not casually being moved higher. If the stock market sinks even 10%, the whole economy will tank. In that case, the richest 100 will be destroyed along with the rest of the country. So, ramping up stocks is not just a chosen option. It is close to being an emergency.

How do I figure these things out? Simple, I don’t believe lies and I rightly assume all who interact with government do so for the purpose of personal gain. Although constantly deemed present, there is no such incentive to serve with respect to life in the aggregate. The incentive to serve is purely imaginary.


The video below explains this topic further. It is true that we are sandbillies from South Texas. We make no pretense of media savvy because we have none. Our messages are powerful and you will never hear reality explained anywhere more accurately than Steve and I do. And, it all comes from simple not believing lies.



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