Stock Market Now Through January

Wall-StreetHuman behavior is highly predictable. Dogs and cats have it down pat. Animals do not define their owners with euphemisms. They respond to them exactly as they are and know exactly what to expect. Human beings define their masters with all sorts of lofty euphemisms so they are completely confounded by what happens. You have no masters? That is because you define them as representatives, regardless of the fact that you serve them.

There are plans for the stock market. There is virtually no chance the averages will close down for the year, even if indicators lead you to expect that it will. Following an up year, you can expect a sell off in the first few days of January 2016 and then a break out to the upside which will be billed as the next up leg of this amazing bull market. Never mind that the breadth may be miserable and international events and circumstances will be miserable.

To accomplish these things, all it takes is all of the money in the world. The central banks have that and even more if they need it. All investors have is what they have earned.

How is such a thing possible? It is easy. All it takes is for the overwhelming majority of world citizens to believe the Federal Reserve is necessary, Open Market Committee members are honest people and that all that is being done is for the public good.

The truth is that Wall Street has hired government to enrich them and that is what is happening. It is as simple as that. The end, of course, is the complete destruction of the economy. That takes a long time so it is still open season on anyone who works for a living.

Americans will figure this out and rebel horribly but the odds of that happening in the next 30 days is real slim. I am forecasting dismal results for anyone trying to short this market. You are right about what you see but having all of the money in the world is an advantage that is hard to overcome. Donald Trump knows these things, so why is he not speaking up? Trump may be a refreshing figure but his bid for the presidency is self serving as all such efforts are. He will speak up only if it is to his benefit to do so.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s Like The Highway and the Sea


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